Ship operating costs fallaverage of 2% last year, according to consulting firm Moore Stephens. In its OpCost 2010 report, Moore's 新成屋bulker operating cost index dropped by 2.3% from the previous year's figures. Tanker costs eased by 2.7%, while box ship costs 烤肉食材were 7.5% lower. Crew costs were the only category that increased, but they rose just 2.2% in 2009; they went up 21% in 2008, when 永慶房屋total operating costs rose by 15.8% on average. Repairs and maintenance of ships also put fewer furrows on shipowners’ brows, as 澎湖民宿overall costs decreased 11.3%, from increases of 13.5% in 2008 and 12.8% in 2007. Insurance charges decreased by 1.5% overall last ARMANIyear, although P&I insurance was up by 3.4% on average, as widely expected. Moore Stephens partner Richard Greiner attributed the 住商房屋2009 results to “the marked fall in costs for stores, repairs and maintenance” and the full impact of the recession. “The rise in 買屋網crew costs, albeit by only just over one-tenth of the figure for the previous year, shows that, despite technical innovation, people 酒店兼職are still shipping’s most valuable, and scarcest, asset,” the report said. OPERATING costs for ships fell by an average of 2% last 烤肉食材year, according to recent research.

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